We Are the SEO Heroes

My job is to save your business by increasing your sales! How do I do it? I swoop in at the speed of sound, secure your web page, and carry it with me as I fly up the search results! Okay, maybe that is a little too literal. However, just because I don’t fly your page up higher in the results, doesn’t mean your business won’t reap the same benefits as if I did. That’s right, every client I have taken on has achieved top rankings, increased sales, and successfully grown their business. If you are wondering how your website can start generating more phone calls and more sales, then call me, SEO Hero, today and discover endless possibilities tomorrow!

SEO Heroism 101

As you might imagine, I haven’t always referred to myself by this name. It wasn’t until one of my first clients e-mailed me about her recent sales and said, “You came to my rescue!”. Once I heard this, a new mission hit me like a thunderbolt. That’s when the name SEO Hero was born. I was determined to become the heroic search engine marketer that I knew the world needed. In my opinion, an SEO Hero is someone who saves the lives of businesses by drastically increasing their sales using search engine optimization. There are some criteria for this magnificent title, though, as not just any internet marketer is deserving. To be labeled the best, one must truly be heroic in their valiant SERP efforts. One cannot simply order packages of links and optimize on-page content and expect to be branded a champion. Correct white-hat methods must be used to truly be the best.

seo hero flying

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… SEO Hero!

What do SEO heroes mean by white-hat methods?

There are many ways of performing search engine optimization, and depending on the nature of the business, a good SEO will tailor his or her efforts to fit the size and style of the firm. A genuinely effective marketing plan is never a one size fits all package. Many search engine marketing companies will pitch packages of keywords or link bundles. This simply does not work when trying to rank a web page in search results. Google and other search engines look at logical factors when determining the order of their search results.

Some of these factors include:

• the relevancy of the domain name to the keyword searched
• relevancy of the page titles and content to the keyword searched
• common business links (e.g. BBB, Chamber of Commerce)
• accurate and consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number) across citations and social profiles

White-hat SEO methods are merely satisfying the algorithms of search engines with the type of content and links they are looking for. Black-hat methods would be manipulating their algorithm with pseudo-links or spammy links from backlink farms. This form of cheating and manipulation usually only serves to hurt your search engine rankings, as you are almost certainly going to receive a penalty from Google by using black-hat methods.

As the SEO Hero, it is not only my job to make all of the small businesses around me successful, but to also extend my services around the globe to save every business possible! Some may compare my life to that of superman or batman, but there is a fundamental difference. They only faced one villain at a time! The SEO industry is flooded with black-hat SEO villains so you can imagine how busy I am. I must fight their infestation every day by delivering real results to good, honest businesses.

What are backlinks and why are they important?

A backlink is simply a link from one website to another. However, they can come in many forms. For example, a site may link to you because you pay a subscription to use their services for business. Another website may link to you because the content on your page is in line with their topic, and they feel their users would benefit from reading your content in addition to theirs. In the latter case, these web pages are recommending your content to their user base. This looks excellent to search engines, as it is telling them that your content is not only relevant, but it is better than the content on the site they already trust. Links coming from popular forums and blogs that are related to your business can help your page rank higher in search results for keywords shared between the blog or forum and your web page. Other types of links build overall trust. A link from the better business bureau tells search engines that your business is trustworthy. Likewise, links from your local chamber of commerce can help your site build authority and perform better in search results. Search engines also like to see a healthy amount of social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Your business needs to have a presence across the social media board, as well as, across local business directories like Yelp and Yellowpages. If your ‘citations’ have the same information across all of the directories, search engines can quickly determine that the information is correct, and will feel comfortable displaying your business information in their map pack results (so long as the other SEO ingredients are added as well).

Backlinks are important because they tell search engines like Google that your website can be trusted and that you have good content and/or services to offer the world. Each link is like a vote of confidence, or a recommendation, telling search engines that your page has engaging and trustworthy content. The perfect link profile will ensure the search engines that your pages should be ranked in the number one spot. Ranking in the number one spot results in an exponentially greater amount of traffic, and thus your web page will generate a larger amount of revenue. If you have a website, then you know how important it is to get a positive ROI from it. They call me the SEO Hero due to my ability to save website’s lives. Don’t wait until your site is completely dead. Reach out today so we can both celebrate tomorrow!

Avoiding Over-Optimization

Another reason people call me the SEO Hero is due to my expert knowledge in avoiding over-optimization. Over-optimization is the very essence of evidence of search engine manipulation. If you want search engines to consider your website a trustworthy and relevant source of content, then you want them to understand the real value of your content and online presence. You don’t want to send red flags saying your content is stuffed with keywords or the same keywords are used too frequently. Your content show flow naturally and your titles and meta descriptions should accurately describe what your content is about.

Think of your web page like a book. A book has a title, and a summary, describing what the content is about. Just like you wouldn’t see a book’s title stuffed with the same keyword over and over again, you don’t want your web page’s title to be over-optimized for a keyword. Instead, try to think of the most natural way to phrase the title of your page, then make sure your keyword is mentioned in an appropriate way. Likewise, you want your meta description to illustrate the ideas that the page is expressing accurately, but you don’t need to be redundant.

Over-Optimization is one of the most common mistakes I come across because so many people try to optimize their content for search engines based off of entry-level search engine knowledge they’ve obtained via small business owner gossip. Search engine ranking tips and tricks go for a dime a dozen and only serve to cause filter penalties or other Google fork-in-the-roads. Instead of trying to tackle the tremendous task of ranking your page above your competition, hire an expert who’s dedicated his life to this art. Search engine optimization is my life’s work, and I pride myself on my ability to avoid over-optimization and consistently rank sites.

Common Search Engine Optimization Misconception: Content Means Everything

This is a common misconception within the SEO community that has led to a lot of wasted time and a lot of fluffed up websites. A lot of people think that to rank high organically you have to have a ton of content, and update it regularly. Those who believe this, end up wasting hours of time writing blog posts and updating their page content. Why would Google care how often you update your content if it’s already great? If you have engaging content with numerous trusted sources recommending it, then you will rank high in organic search results.

Content Recommendations from Trusted Sources

What the heck does this mean? Well, it is difficult for a search engine like Google to read the content on your page and know how good it is. They can detect spelling errors, grammar mistakes, synonyms, etc. but have a hard time determining whether the ideas expressed within the verbiage is better than that of your competitor’s web page. This is why they look for recommendations from sources they already trust. If your website is about orthopedic surgery, and you want to rank for ‘orthopedic surgeon,’ then a link from a popular, well-ranking, medical forum, would benefit you. Obtaining a link from your neighbor’s cat blog would have little to no effect in comparison.

NEW: How to detect an SEO Villain!

It’s not as simple as you might think. This isn’t the old days where villains would wear a mask and make their presence knows. Bad SEOs hide in plain site. Thankfully, there are some signs to watch out for. Simply follow my steps of doing thorough research on your potential search engine strategist, and you will find a good, white-hat method, SEO firm that will help you succeed online.

My Expert List of DO’s and Don’ts

  • Do your research before reaching out to a company — you’ll have a much better conversation
  • Have the potential marketer explain, in general, how their on-page and off page optimization is performed
  • Ask them to show you results they have obtained — their own or for a client
  • It’s so important it takes up two spots: DON’T trust any company that cannot show you any website they have ranked — The good, trustworthy, SEO companies with non-disclosure policies will rank test websites for this reason.
  • Know what keywords the marketing firm plans to target — You don’t want to end up with a company targeting generic, unfocused, non-buyer terms.
  • Make sure they are willing to send monthly reports and are willing to spend the time to go over the results with you.

In Conclusion

I don’t call myself the SEO Hero simply because I think it sounds cool or because I think it will get me more business. I feel that I have earned this title by serving my community and helping save hundreds of businesses around the country. After over a decade of experience watching Google and other search engines evolve, I have learned to understand the ideologies they share in their search result ranking efforts. I have watched search engines go through numerous phases of determining factors as they tweaked and updated their algorithms. Due to my extensive, unmatched, skills and expertise in search engine optimization, I have been dubbed the SEO Hero. I have dedicated my life to saving businesses and outperforming competitors in search results and I plan on spending the rest of said life defending the little guy and fighting the villains! If your business is in need of saving, or if you want to increase your overall sales, then get in touch today! Together we will defeat your competition and grow your business!